Wash A Thon, Car Wash Fundraiser Strategies

Car wash fundraisers are wonderful ways to boost money for non-profit groups. If you're careful inside your strategies throughout the organizing of your vehicle wash fundraiser you are in position to make huge amounts of money. 
The main goal inside a wash-a-thon style car wash fundraiser would be to collect probably the most pre-sale sponsors for that number of cars washed and also to wash as numerous cars as you possibly can.

If you won't want to subject your group to selling tickets because they've been selling tickets with other events and selling candy all seasons, there's another way to create a lot of cash at your vehicle wash fundraiser. Wash all of the cars free of charge. You say, "Hey, wait one minute, you want to make money." That's right. 

Have your group go around and get people to get pledges for every car washed. While getting pledges hand out free car wash coupons for your pledgers. You may also wish to give coupons to people people who won't pledge. This will make them feel cheap or guilty. If they come to your vehicle wash they'll more than likely donate for your organization anyway.

In wash-a-thon car washes you'll ask people for just one cent to 5 cents per car washed. Have members of the family of pledge drivers register first. Normally they'll pledge a greater amount per car. If your some other clients see high pledges they'll be more likely to also pledge a greater amount per car. You should put a few people on the page. Ask pledge drivers to complete 2 1/2 to three 1/2 pages each.

We did an automobile wash like this using the Boy Scouts in Northern California. Four different troops, same car wash. They used the cash to travel towards the annual National Scout Jamboree. Each child got typically fifty-one pledges. 

The average pledge was four cents each. We washed 262 cars coupled with a total of 63 boys within the four groups. They went door to door within their neighborhoods in uniforms in teams of two. Do you possess a calculator? 63 Boys times 51 pledges = 3,213 Total Pledges times $ .04 per car = $ 128.52 For Every Car Washed, times 262 cars washed = $33,672.24

Wow! When was the final time you've made that much money in an automobile wash fundraiser? They all were built with a lot of fun at their jamboree. Remember, when requesting pledges, cute little girls and boys will get pledges easier. The older those are the more difficult it might be.

We also have had success with older kids for example cheerleaders, drill teams and 'Say no to drugs' groups. You should also note that should you're not diligent in collecting pledges immediately your collection percentages will drop to ten to thirty percent un collectable. 

Some of the members is going to be reluctant to return and collect. Remember, returning twice is twice the job. You may wish to give pledgers a choice of paying a set rate, but be cautious. If you collect a set rate in advance for example $3.00 to $4.00 you might be cutting your earnings in two. In the case from the Boy Scouts versus dirty cars, their average was $8.48 per car. At four dollars average predetermined fee, they'd have lost $4.48 per car washed. Over one-half. Pledges are better but do require an additional trip.

Now performs this mean you refuse money? No, don't refuse money. Try for pledges first. If that fails, take out a different register sheet and also have them fill that out. Keep those flat rates off your pledge register sheets. They will cause others to interrupt ranks and result in lost revenue. People often pledge or donate what others pledge or donate. It's a lot like follow the leader. If on a single page you receive a couple of individuals giving you a set rate, ten more and more people will also go for that flat rate once they see that page.
I hope these pointers help make your vehicle wash fundraiser probably the most successful ever. If you want more information on "Car wash fundraisers" then search it on Google and look for a complete online book.

Alex John
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